Friday, July 25, 2008

Criticizing Photographs

* all are non-edited & no watermark:
i) please credit if used
ii) please comment and critic

thankyous: [National Museum]-[KL Tower]-[Crowne Plaza mogok-ers]-[LAMAN 2008; henna tattoo artist & clowns]-[Orang Asli Gallery]-[KL Bird Park; special thank you to Coco, "Thanks for not even trying to talk eventhough you're a talking bird. LOL"]


BaLQiz said...

Can I leave a caption for each photo? Pretty please? Coz if I can, I would put these:

Photo 1:
"You're in and I'm out. Who's laughing at who now! Call me ugly... pfft!"

Photo 2:
"Tell my dad he was right. I shouldn't drink and drive"

Photo 3:
"Inni...meenie...minnie...hey! Where's mo?"

Photo 4:
"This is how you stretch your underwear when you grow fat and ugly one day, little girl"

I had fun. Did you?

izzat said...

avoid to photograph the cage as in pic no 2.

picture no3 is great if you can zoom in more close to the subject.

just my 2 cents.i'm also newbie. :)

eatmyshort said...

balqiz: lol, good one
izzat: thx for the advice :)

ezez said...

use micro lens! hahaha !

deennasour said...

dont think, just shoot!! mwahha
tak takut gambar kena rompak?

eatmyshort said...

ezez: yah, tunggu you sponsor satu lens haha
deennasour: agak takut jugakla, tapi photoshop xinstall nk buat watermark dgn software lain, xfeel. lol

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