Saturday, June 21, 2008

Simple GIF

1. Open the images that you want to make GIF. Select Move Tool (press V) and drag the other image onto the image that you want for the base. Get rid of the other layer because you'll be working only with the base image.

2. Then, go to File > Edit in ImageReady or Shift + Ctrl + M or you can just simply click the button on the bottom of the Tools palette.

3. You will be transfer to Adobe ImageReady when you do that. As you can see in the image, you will have one layer on the Animation palette (Window > Animation). Close one eye from the Layer 1 layer, leaving the eye on the Background layer on (I forgot to rename the layers, sorry hehe).

4. Next, duplicate the current layer that you have on the Animation palette by dragging it to the Duplicate current frame (on the bottom right of the palette). Click back the eye on the Layer 1 layer. Select the delay time that you want for your GIF (0 - 10.0sec). Click the Play button on the bottom to see how it looks like. Go to File > Save Optimized. Save as type: Image Only (*gif) and basically you're done!

(Note: This simple GIF would be fun doing if you do the multiple shots from your camera.)


deennasour said...

lawak siot muka sharul ya eh..

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