Friday, June 13, 2008

say Hello to SK Rumah Goyang

It's been days since I haven't had any ideas on designing my dad's school magazine. I don't know what happen earlier, suddenly I just worked on it. I don't want to have those typical design for school magazine where it has a lot of heavy designs and weird colors, so I decided I wanted to keep it simple and I chose light blue + black for the color theme. Here's how it looks like and let me know what you think. Thanks!

This is the cover of the mag. I don't know what else to put there but I think this will work.

This is the 'Pengenalan Sekolah' page and the other pages will have the same design.

Meanwhile, this is the School Bulletin. I've come up with several designs, but then I've decided to stick with the same theme with the magazine.

p/s: the school's name is a bit funny for me. I used to laugh at it when one of my friend told me she went to a school named 'Rumah Goyang'. I thought she was just kidding. When my dad got transfered to this school, I was like, "whoa, there is a school named Rumah Goyang". Lol


freeda said...

oouuhh..xtau nk bg pndpat untok skul maybe ok la skolah ak nyer design mmg thap heavy smart.seswai ngan kami skulah pompuan.girly2 sket.ahaha

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