Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free 18sx Movies!

Gotcha! You pervert! Lol I'm not going to give you free 18sx movies you crazy, but..yes, there's a but, I wanna share with you some stories (just 2 actually..hehe) about some idiotic brainless couples that doing their 18sx own "movies" in public places. Well, not the humping and thrusting but more to kissing and caressing. Hoho

Scene one
(at Ulek Mayang, Seksyen 7: few minutes to berbuka puasa)

We were waiting for azan maghrib, coz yeah, obviously we were freaking hungry and can't wait to eat. Haha There were a lot of people there, the kedai makan was full already. Next to us was this dude and lady, boyfriend and girlfriend maybe, I don't care. Note to self, the kedai makan was full with people. And there they were, joking and laughing with each other and without feeling any embarassment, the guy started to caress the girl boobs. We were like, wtf?! Are you kidding me? It's bulan puasa for God sake, can you at least respect that? The girl on the other hand, did nothing when the guy did that to her. Instead, she just sat there, like rock. And..tsk tsk, the girl was wearing tudung *tepuk dahi* Apa nak jadilah?

Scene two
(dataran shah alam: 3:something-4:something am)

We're just back from Putrajaya doing some night shooting and just had our sahur at Mcd. We decided to just sleep in the car since we have to return back the car early in the morning. Just when we were about to park our car, we noticed that there's a car already parked there. We thought that there was no one in there but as soon as the light hit the car, voila! The girl and boy was syok-ly kissing. Lol I guess they were surprised when the light hit them and mengantoikan themselves, so they quickly switched on the light in the car. Konon-konon they were doing nothinglah. And..of course..tsk tsk, the girl was also wearing tudung *tepuk dahi untuk kali kedua*.

What the heck? Can you find somewhere else to do it, where it was just you and your boyfriend/girlfriend? There's no need to show to the whole world of how much you love them *rolls eyes* Oh please..go fuck yourself. Everybody else also got their own boyfriend/girlfriendlah.

Adoi..malulah sikit weih!


miss kedondong said...

euuuuwww..that's totally not elok..
maloo i

fiNeeTO said...

haha. kahwwin cepat lah oh mun dah gatal .. hahaha

eatmyshort said...

tau xpe

meo188 said...

edisi siasat nih..

eatmyshort said...

"ter"edisi siasat

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