Sunday, August 24, 2008

Alone VS Loneliness

Alone by Liaaa

To tell you the truth, I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind being alone, in fact, I like being on my own most of the times. But, what I hate the most about being alone is when the loneliness creeps in. Suddenly all your confidence, your courage, your what-ever-plans that you had on your mind that moment faded away. The way it kills all of that just...irrational. When you see people holding hands, having a great time; loneliness laughing out loud at you for being alone, making a long cut slowly to your heart until you almost pack your bag, go home and burst into tears - okay, that was a bit ridiculously emotional and exaggerating. But, yeah, the point is, it hurts a lot! And I hated it when it does that. I even cried while waiting for bus darn it! LOL I wish it won't disturb me while I'm on my own, or maybe I'm the one who think too much or...whatever the reason is, I still hate loneliness. Haha I'm just bored.
'i don't want to be lonely, i just want to be alone


Falcon said...

I think nobody can accept the feeling of being alone...its makes you feel so down...

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